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Freshgro Citrus Growers is a Grower Owned, Citrus Export Company and established in 2014. Freshgro have access to 9 key growers in the Eastern Cape. Growers are part of Freshgro based on their quality, volumes and their need to be part of the Value Chain.

All growers are committed to Freshgro Citrus Growers and are expanding their businesses with new production and plantings. Exciting new developments are in the medium to long-term pipeline and all developments are part of the key growers in Freshgro Citrus Growers which will add volumes to Freshgro Citrus in the near future.

Have planted some of the latest and most exciting citrus varieties available in South Africa (Tango).

Freshgro aim to be transparent and cost effective and to maximise the return to the grower. Freshgro aim to supply the end customer with high quality products, managed by the In-house Quality Manager. 75% of our fruit is from the Kirkwood and 25% of Patensie area – Eastern Cape, South Africa.

Freshgro have access to state of the art Citrus pack houses with Excellent Management systems in place – packhouses are flexible and focus on quality and specific market requirements. 2 River Pack house is in the process to have their own Steri rooms and will add value to the capacity of Far East Steri programs.

Freshgro have committed, well experienced and energetic personnel, sharing in the same vision of sustainability and ethics in the Business Place.



  • Autumn Gold

  • Witkrans

  • Cambria

  • Lemons

  • Nadorcott

  • Tango

  • St Andre

  • Murcott







75% of our volume is packed at 2 Rivers Packhouse in Kirkwood, Eastern Cape. 2 Rivers has a four lane Aweta Blemish sorter and has the capacity to pack 25 tons of citrus per hour. A well managed drench facility is where the packhouse’s contribution starts in an attempt to deliver a high quality product during the packing process. 2 Rivers has a De-greening facility for 1900 bins at a time as well as Cooling facilities for 300 pallets at a time. They also have a Container loading point at the packhouse.


All our growers are fully GLOBAL GAP accredited to assure safe and sustainable fruit production that meets baseline requirements for food safety and hygiene. Audits are done by one of 140 Global Gap accredited auditing bodies. We work hands on with the growers to have continual improvement plans and structures in place for food safety and sustainability thereof to enhance the quality of our products.

All our growers are members of SIZA (Sustainability initiative of South Africa) and 95% have been accredited with an SIZA Ethical Audit done by a recognised 3rd party auditing body.

  • What is the SIZA programme?

The programme was established as a pro-active response by the South African fruit industry under the mantle of Fruit South Africa to promote sound and ongoing improvement of ethical labour practices on South African fruit farms and pack houses.

Traceability is one of the key factors where we contribute to food safety. It is a risk management tool which allows us to effectively recall products when needed. Every carton packed can be traced back trough all stages of production, packing and distribution.

All our producers and packing facilities only use registered plant protection products, to minimise health and environmental risks to ensure long term sustainability of our production units and our industry.

We monitor our residue levels by making use of accredited laboratories as well as relying on our Perishable Products Export Control Board (PPECB) who conducts laboratory services to analyse products for exports as part of their inspection routines.

We have updated records of all spray programmes followed including pack house chemicals used.


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