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About Fresh Gro

Freshgro Citrus Growers is a Grower Owned, Citrus Export Company and established in 2014. Freshgro have access to 9 key growers in the Eastern Cape. Growers are part of Freshgro based on their quality, volumes and their need to be part of the Value Chain.

All growers are committed to Freshgro Citrus Growers and are expanding their businesses with new production and plantings. Exciting new developments are in the medium to long-term pipeline and all developments are part of the key growers in Freshgro Citrus Growers which will add volumes to Freshgro Citrus in the near future.

The 2 Rivers packhouse


75% of our volume is packed at 2 Rivers Packhouse in Kirkwood, Eastern Cape. 2 Rivers has a four lane Aweta Blemish sorter and has the capacity to pack 25 tons of citrus per hour. A well managed drench facility is where the packhouse’s contribution starts in an attempt to deliver a high quality product during the packing process. 2 Rivers has a De-greening facility for 1900 bins at a time as well as Cooling facilities for 300 pallets at a time. They also have a Container loading point at the packhouse.